Hey, lovers! All my friends think I'm a total cheeseball and they would be correct. My jokes are the equivalent of your typical dad jokes, but I am a very passionate person. I always have tissues ready if I'm watching a sad movie or while editing your beautiful photos. Don't ask me to go out past 9 because once I'm in pjs, I'm not changing unless it's an emergency or someone is going to feed me cheesecake on a beach somewhere!

If you ever can't find me at a gathering, find the animals and there's a 99% chance you'll find me too. There's also a good chance I'm wherever the snacks are! I see beauty in places others might not. I'm a kid at heart, but have an old soul. I love serving others and if I could, I'd have alllllll the animals!!! Work with me and we will most certainly get caught dancing randomly in the park during your photo session. But, hey! Those good vibes make the best photos! :)

your quirky down-to-earth photog who loves a good rom-com and baking new recipes before bedtime dancing with spatula in hand


Hi, it's me!

• I do a little happy dance when i eat something i really like
• waffles > pancakes
• i am a hopeless romantic
• I take gift giving very seriously
• i have recently fell in love with reading
• lady bugs scare me
• i am probably addicted to sprite
• baking makes my soul happy
• pjs or comfy clothes all the way
• my birthday is halloween
• In an alternate universe i'd own an animal shelter
• there is no such thing as having too many christmas decorations

all the fun facts!

fun loving, not afraid to get a little messy, a little silly, and go with the flow when the time calls for it
seekers of meaningful connections, lovers of candid moments, with a taste for adventure and an undeniable love for life
hopeless romantics and dreamers living for all of the sun-drenched, intimate moments 
value goods that serve them well and will splurge on those things in a heartbeat
understand the invaluable importance of photographs
fancy a good wine, movie nights, brunch just because, and slow living
love finding the magic in the mundane
live for sentimental moments, the otherwise unseen moments, quiet tender moments, and big loud love
want images that feel like a scene in a movie, a chapter in a good book, or the chorus of their favorite song

who my clients are...

i'm crazy about ya!

My best friend and better half is my sweet hubby, Charlie. He loves hiking, trying new restaurants and breweries, going to concerts, is very musical himself, and I believe he could build just about anything. He built us a gorgeous dining room table last year. He is also really into film photography right now and I am so excited about it!


These are our two beautiful dogs. Ella is my first fur child and she's a mix I rescued from a shelter when I was in college. She is the most well behaved and sweetest dog ever. Sampson (Sam for short) is our super goofy, super loving Golden Retriever. He's just a big baby who loves cuddling and swimming at the lake. These two are my whole world. 

Ella & Sam

This is our furry beast, Monte. He acts more like a dog than a cat. He's a Maine Coon who has 7 toes on both front paws. I love him, but we have a love-hate relationship. I'm pretty sure he has been plotting my demise since day one! On the other hand, he LOVES my husband and my mother. I'm convinced he has everyone fooled! 


My Whole World

aaron siskind

"Photography is a way of feeling, touching, of loving. What you capture is forever- it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything."

Kara & Jared

"Our shoot was amazing. She made us feel so comfortable and hyped up the whole time!"

We love Morgan so much

Intimacy is EVERYTHING when it comes to capturing memories you can feel. Get to know me a little more intimately...

The butterfly

in my logo

Choosing to have my name represent my business was an easy decision as I built my brand around values already important to me. When I was choosing a logo that would accompany my business name, the same thing kept coming to mind- the butterfly. Like the butterfly, we all go through different stages in life. Before it grows wings, it's seen as a simple caterpillar.

I thought to myself, perhaps the butterfly is proof that we should concentrate less on perfect timing and more on embracing the here and now. Blessed are those that see beautiful things in humble places where others may see nothing.

My clients know that at the end of the day, what matters most is that they savor this time in their lives. Remembering how this season of life truly felt is something they value.

There will always be excuses and reasons to wait for perfect timing, but now is as good of a time as ever to document your memories. This season of life is too good to miss friend. So love yourself, love this current season of life, love the chaos, and love those around you. Join me on my mission to love and give back. I've been up to quite a bit of fun this year!

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